Team Around the Family

Team Around the Family

Children, young people and their families sometimes need a little extra help to live happy, healthy and successful lives. Team Around the Family can offer advice, help and support. This support is divided into 3 strands.


Team Around the Family work together with the Family Information Service to provide a one stop shop to answer all information needs and to provide help, advice and support for professionals and the public with the added support to access these services.

Conwy Family Information Service deal with all information needs helping people make informed choices. They provide a huge range of information which includes childcare, family support services, clubs and activities, places to go and things to do.

Team Around the Family, are available to give extra help – providing the public and professionals with practical support to access accurate, up to date, relevant information on services and making sure that the right people are working together to support families needs.

Our joint goal is to make sure that people have the information, support and guidance that they need to make the informed choices. By calling on a one stop number this information will be in one place and prevent the need for families and professionals having to tediously research information and repeat their story.