Am I homeless?

Legally you are homeless if you:


  • Have nowhere to live in this country or anywhere else in the world that is available for you to occupy
  • Have no legal right to remain in your home
  • Have somewhere to live but cannot get into the property
  • Have somewhere to live but it is not reasonable for you to stay there, for example, there is a threat of abuse
  • Have a boat, caravan or mobile home but you have nowhere to put it


You can also apply for advise and assistance if it is likely that you will be homeless in the next 56 days. This may be because you: 


  • Have been taken to Court and the Court says you must leave your property within the next 56 days
  • Have been living with family or friends and they have asked you to leave within the next 56 days

We will work with you to help you remain in your home. If this is not possible we will assist you to find new accommodation.