Who can get help?

Under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 not everyone qualifies for help to prevent homelessness but everyone is entitled to access advice and assistance. Some people will not be entitled to help to prevent homelessness, for example if a person does not usually live in the UK. It is likely that you will be eligible for help if you:


  • Usually live in the UK and immigration control does not apply to you.
  • Usually live in the UK and immigration control does apply to you but your right to stay is not based on conditions.
  • Have been given refugee status as a result of an asylum application.

If you are not eligible for assistance to prevent homelessness, we will still give you advice on housing options and will advise you to seek assistance from agencies such as NASS (National Asylum Support Service). If you found to be eligible for assistance, the next stage of enquiry will be establishing whether you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

We will need to see evidence of your identity, income or benefits, plus evidence of residency, for example: passport, driving licence, NHS medical card, gas or electric bill, TV licence, bank or building society statements.

Shelter Cymru