Mortgage Rescue

Grwp Cynefin

The Mortgage Rescue Scheme was set up to help qualifying owner occupiers who are in difficulty with their mortgage repayments, and are at risk of their home being repossessed.

In Conwy, the Mortgage Rescue Scheme is managed by Grŵp Cynefin Housing Association, and assistance will only be given where the applicant falls within a priority need category, as defined in the Housing Act 1996 (as amended by Priority Need (Wales) Order 2001. The decision on priority need will be made by the Council. The scheme provides a number of options:

  • Outright purchase of the property
  • Homebuy Scheme (only available when the scheme is funded by the Welsh Government)
  • Shared ownership (only available where the scheme is funded solely by Grŵp Cynefin, for example no Welsh Government funding)

If Grŵp Cynefin is satisfied that it can help, it will liaise with the homeowner's mortgage lender, (and the lenders of any other debts which are secured on the property). Where possession proceedings are imminent, Grŵp Cynefin will provide written confirmation that an application has been accepted under the Mortgage Rescue Scheme, and the homeowner can then produce this at a possession hearing. This document is normally sufficient for the hearing to be adjourned or for a possession order to be suspended. Please note that Mortgage Rescue is subject to funding being available.


Grwp Cynefin