How do we plan to let our properties?

How do we let our properties?

Partners will follow the same rules when they let their properties and will all use the same banding scheme.

1. Do you have a recognised housing need?

See banding scheme for recognised housing need priorities. If you do not have a recognised housing need under the banding scheme you will not be legible to register. However, we will discuss alternative housing options available to you.

2. How urgent is your housing need?

If you have an urgent need to be housed as recognised on the banding scheme you will be given priority.

3. Do you have local connection to Conwy?

If you do have a local connection to Conwy, then you would be given priority for properties in Conwy. Once we have this information you will be placed in one of the four bands, depending on the information given.

How will we allocate available properties?

Applicants who have registered an interest for properties in that area will be considered for the property in order of their banding category and the date registered. We will only consider households for whom the property is suitable. For example, a two bedroom house would not normally be offered to a single person. If the property has adaptations, like widened doors, then we would only consider people who need those adaptations.

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How do we plan to let our properties?

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